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    Clio - L'amour hélas

    Desney Bailey -Meant To Be 

    Feiertag - Follow

    Kaéla - Spiral

    LYS - We Will Be Fools

    MF Robots - Good People

    Revers Gagnant & Crenoka - The Keeper

    Ridney, Shannon B and Lovely Laura - Running

    Sally Green - Can't Stop (feat. Nitram Zeus)

    Yelli Yelli - La violence est mécanique

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    Trekstation grooves is the contemporary result of of growing to - and becoming adult in the 80ties. Musically a difficult era. The introduction of electronic sounds and the used tempo made a lot music feel like shark teeth. Trekstation grooves is a groovy road trip, away from sharpness.


    Trekstation grooves broadcasts from Toronto, Canada. The stream is licensed by SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada). Stream-url:

    Added in 2021


    Clio - L'amour hélas

    Desney Bailey -Meant To Be 

    Feiertag - Follow

    Kaéla - Spiral

    LYS - We Will Be Fools

    MF Robots - Good People

    Revers Gagnant & Crenoka - The Keeper

    Ridney, Shannon B and Lovely Laura - Running

    Sally Green - Can't Stop (feat. Nitram Zeus)

    Yelli Yelli - La violence est mécanique


    Andra Day - Phone Dies

    The Avalanches - Since I Left You (Prince Paul Remix)

    Erika de Casier - Polite

    Lablue - Femme du Crépuscule

    London Grammar - Californian Soil

    Servicio al Cliente - Servicio al Cliente

    Silk Cinema - How to Find Perfection


    Desney Bailey - Meant To Be

    Franck Roger - 44

    Freedom Fry - L' Invitation

    Lou Hayter - Private Sunshine

    Patawawa - Just Not With You (Anoraak Remix)

    Patawawa - Power-Up

    Sally Green - Zoned


    Haerts - Why Only You

    Ily - Doing It Better

    La Femme - Paradigmes

    Me and My Friends - To My Dear (Rework)

    Minus 8 - On My Mind

    Mr Twin Sister - Diary _ Expressions

    Tae - Moonlight

    Üm - Cherry Blossom


    Amy Winehouse - At The BBC

    Flevans - I Wanted You to Stay

    George Ka - Par avance

    Haylee Joe - Just a Game

    Joon - Good Times

    L'Impératrice - Tako Tsubo

    Lily Konigsberg - Owe Me

    Moli - Préface

    Rachel Chinouriri - Four° In Winter

    Swingrowers - Hybrid

    vbnd - Scum Funk


    Alyson Murray - The Am Session

    Carol Duboc - Restless.png

    EASHA - Far Away

    Julia Jean-Baptiste - Faux amours

    Juno Francis - Sunday Morning

    Lewis OfMan - Dancy Party

    LUHA - Is It Today or Tomorrow

    Soleil Bleu - Félins pour l'autre


    Charlotte Fever - Erotico

    Doohickey Cubicle - Don't Fix Anything ;)

    Joanna Law - Rhythm of Years

    Kraft Funk - Love On The Line (Chill Mix)

    L'equipe Du Son - You Leave Me Lonely

    Lomboy - Begins With a Dream

    London Grammar - How Does It Feel

    Molly Burman - Fool Me With Flattery

    Psymon Spine - Charismatic Megafauna

    Vanille - Soleil '96


    Claire George - I Love You Always Forever

    Electrocute - Make Some Noise

    Eliza Elliott - Heaven is Falling

    Gabrielle - Do It Again

    iogi - you/me/everyone

    Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet

    Julia Messenger - I Miss You

    Keep Shelly In Athens - You

    Kraak & Smaak - Pleasure Centre Remixed

    Lyla Foy - Synergy

    Talkbøx - People People People

    Zac Tenenbaum - Just for the Night

    Zara Larsson - Poster Girl


    Allie X - Cape God (The Digital Concert)

    Flevans - Biznizz

    Mimi Bay - no doubt

    Nicola Conte - People Need People

    Sasha Rome - Communicate

    Saucy Lady - Delirious

    Stereolab - Electrically Possessed [Switched On Volume 4]

    Yuto. - Say


    Ava Maybee - See Me Now

    Eva Scolaro - Out of incognito

    Final Djs - Something Special

    HAIM - Women In Music Pt. III

    Hyra - Broken Heart

    Jemma Johnson - Sweet Heart

    L'Impératrice - Peur des filles (Montmartre Remix)

    Lava La Rue - Butter-Fly

    Levan - Midnight with groove

    Raquel Rodriguez - You

    Stereolab - Household Names

    Stereolab - The Super It

    Üm - Lost in Paradise


    Brijean - Hey Boy

    Claire An - Dynam'Hit - Europop version française

    De la Suda - À la nage (Ft. lisa s)

    Freedom Fry - Corde Sensible

    Idlework. - Don't Call My Name

    La Felix - Take Care Of You

    Lou Hayter - Time Out of Mind

    Madelyn Grant - Can't Get Out

    Marie Touchet - Dynam'Hit - Europop version française

    Micca Mont - Réplica

    Sainte Barbe - Fresh Juice

    Olivia Ellen Lloyd - Sorrow

    Sonia Gadhia - Be Mine

    Steady Holiday - Take The Corners Gently

    Vanity Fairy - Love from Above - EP


    Celeste - Not Your Muse (Deluxe)

    Julietta - Levitate - EP

    Kara Marni - Trippin (Tripped Out Soul Mix)

    Kate Lomas - Party Tricks

    LION BABE - Native New Yorker

    Sarah Barrios - Conversations With Myself

    Sophie Blair - Are You Thinking About Me__

    VanJess - Homegrown

    Woman Believer - The World and Nothing


    Andra Day - Tigress & Tweed (Music from the Motion Picture _The United States vs. Billie Holiday_)

    Arlo Parks - Collapsed In Sunbeams (Deluxe)

    Caius - Sweet Days

    Claire Ridgely - Flowers for a Friend

    Joan as Police Woman - Live

    Laoise - Healthy

    Maty Noyes - lowkey

    Morcheeba - Sounds Of Blue

    Simbad - Peaceful Revolution EP

    Virgô - Get Mine Get Yours


    Andreya Triana - Woman (Bondax Remix)

    El Michels Affair - Murkit Gem

    Elio - Can You Hear Me Now_

    Rhye - Home

    Ruti - My Sunrise

    Sarah Rebecca - Sarah Rebecca (Deluxe Version)

    Vox Rea - Reset


    Adeline - Whisper My Name

    Ana Frango Elétrico - Mulher Homem Bicho

    Caz9 - Ok

    Crystal Murray - Princess (Yuksek Remix)

    Johanna Saint-Pierre - Sensuous Whisper

    Kiwi & Bestley - Hello Echo

    Niia - II_ La Bella Vita


    Elder Island - Small Plastic Heart

    L'Impératrice - Tako Tsubo

    Namy - Disco Dancing

    Namy - Disco Dancing (Lazywax Remix)

    Neanticønes - The Game

    Palafico Honey - Away from Me

    Scary Pockets - Arrow Through Me

    Rhye - Black Rain

    Sir Woman - Bitch

    Sir Woman - Making Love (OurVinyl Sessions)

    The Socialites - The Socialites


    Austra - HiRUDiN REMiXED

    Celeste - Love Is Back

    Gabrielle Aplin - When The Lights Go Out

    Deborah Gibson - M.Y.O.B

    Emily Ritz - In Love Alone

    Full Flava - Was That All It Was (Micky More & Andy Tee Remix)

    Miracle Thomas - Miracle Thomas (Remixes)

    Molly Burch - Emotion (Ft. Wild Nothing)

    Peaking Lights - E S C A P E

    Rallye - FlowerGirl

    Tycho - Weather Remixes

    Added in 2020


    Anabel Englund - Messing With Magic

    Gl - Endlessly

    Luana Carvalho - Baile de Máscara

    Lucia Haze - Haze

    Massivan - On with You

    Massivan - A Você

    Minus 8 - Take Me

    Nyah Grace - Honey-Coloured

    Papik - Sounds For The Open Road Vol.2

    Trish Toledo - Coco Lalala _ Do The Wrong Thing

    Trish Toledo - Oldie Kinda Lovin'


    Bosq - Y Su Descarga Remixed, Vol. 1

    Buscemi - Lua Bonita (feat. Taize Oliveira)

    Degiheugi - Let Me Down

    Disco Bahía - Bonyur

    Holiday Sidewinder - The Real Tea

    Joanna Law - First Time Ever (Radio Edit 2020)

    Joanna Law - Skin on Skin (Radio Edit)

    Miynt - A bite of papaya

    Waldeck - Grand Casino Hotel

    Yuksek - Nosso Ritmo


    Adina Howard - Freak Like Me (Riton Club Edit)

    Biig Piig - Feels Right

    Ekkah - Wendy's Yard

    Gangsters of Love - Never Satisfied

    Georgia - Seeking Thrills

    Karin Ottelohe - Eight Notes In Blue (Remixed By Buscemi)

    L'Impératrice - Anomalie bleue

    Rose Spearman - Shame (Kraak & Smaak Remix)

    Sadi’s Big Band - Eight Notes In Blue (Remixed By Buscemi)

    Scary Pockets - Agoraphobia

    Scary Pockets - Cycles


    Brotherly - Analects

    Class Actress - Dark Dopamine Ceremony

    Georgia Hurd - Are We Doin' This

    Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure

    Laurel - Petrol Bloom

    Moli - Jacuzzi (Jean Tonique Remix)

    Papik- Sounds For The Open Road Vol.2

    Sir Woman - Bitch

    The Soultrend Orchestra - Black Mighty Wax presents NASCODISCO (Funky Disco House ... Irma Disco Volts)

    Tommy & La Felix - Be with You Tonight


    Bent - Up in the Air

    Call Me Loop - Rosé

    Gabrielle Chiararo - Purple Velvet Lounge & Chill Sensual Covers

    Gotts Street Park - Volume Two

    Hemai & Emilia Anastazja - Noa Noa

    Jades Goudreault - Motel 6

    Julee Cruise - Rockin' Back Inside My Heart

    Mocky - Little Push

    Nyah Grace - Honey-Coloured 

    Sara Excellent - Quality Time

    SRTW & Mauvé - Last Train Home

    Vanessa Daou - Songs for Solace

    Vanessa Daou - Zipless Bootleg Rehearsal Tapes (From the Works of Erica Jong)


    Aksel & Aino - Lullabies For Submarines

    Babeheaven - Home for Now

    Diephuis - Hold On Me (The Kiko Navarro Funk Explosion Radio Edit)

    Emergency Tiara - Dancing in the Living Room

    Emergency Tiara - Summer Lover

    Emma Peters - Emma Peters (Remixed)

    Flevans - Accumulate

    Flevans - Realisation

    Girls of the Internet - Girls FM

    Gold Spectacles - Lothario

    Honeycraft - Face to Face

    Iraina Mancini - Shotgun

    KerenDun - Afternoon

    L'Impératrice - Voodoo_ (Lazywax Remix)

    Lauren Faith - Feels

    LAVA LA RUE - Angel

    Levan - City pop

    Levan - $o Great

    Levan - You already know

    Maria Minerva - Soft Power

    Monaldin - Femme Like U (feat. Emma Peters)

    Noël Wells - Lovely Day

    Papik - Careless

    Raffaella - Bardot

    RVBY - Lovesick

    RVBY - Thinking About You

    S-tone Inc - Body & Soul

    Sirens Of Lesbos - Sol

    Tayla Parx - Coping Mechanisms